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I spent an absolutely perfect fall evening with this gorgeous family. You are absolutely going to love the love here…they are all so sweet together.


Life is beautiful. Capture it.



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“The 2006 Canadian Census[14] reported Ajax’s population at 90,167 which was a significant 22.3% increase over 2001 numbers and almost 3½ times the 6.6% population increase average for Ontario during that same period. This brought Ajax’s population density to 1,344 people per square kilometre residing in approximately 28,616 occupied private dwellings. The median age of 35.4 was significantly lower than Toronto’s median age of 37.5, Ontario’s median age of 39.0, or Canada’s median age of 39.5 years old when the overall Ajax population included 22.6% under 15 years of age and 8% aged 65 years and over.

94% of Ajax’s population were Canadian citizens with 11.4% being recent immigrants (from 1991 to 2006) including 3.5% having arrived within the preceding 5 years (since 2001). Of the Ajax population 15 years of age and over, which represent 77% of Ajax’s total population, 38.8% immigrated to Canada, 23.3% were born in Canada to one or both parents having been born outside of Canada, and 37.9% were born inside Canada to both parents being Canadian born (and possibly their grandparents as well).

Ajax’s racial make up at that time consisted of: White (63.6%), Black (13%), South Asian (10.8%), Southeast & East Asian (5.7%), West Asian & Arab (2.1%), and Aboriginal (0.8%). 1.7% of the population was multiracial, and the last 2.4% belong to another group.

According to the Community Profiles from the 2006 Census,[14] English was the mother tongue of 79.3% of the population, French was the mother tongue of 1.5%, English/French bilingualism was mother tongue for 0.2%, and the mother tongue of the remaining 19% was an other non-official language either by itself or combined with English, French, or both or with another non-official language.

For those aged 25 to 64 years, the highest levels of education were 64.1% with a post-secondary degree, 26.4% with a high school diploma (or equivalent) and 9.5% had no certificate, diploma or degree.

The unemployment rate in Ajax was 6.4%, which was equal to the Ontario rate, but the employment rate of 69.7% was significantly higher than the Ontario average of 62.8%. The median personal income was $33,026 for persons 15 and over ($28,885 after tax) compared to the Ontario figures of $27,258 income ($24,604 after tax); median household income (2005) was $81,940 ($68,527 after taxes), which was significantly higher than either the Ontario median household income (2005) at $60,455 ($52,117 after taxes) or the Canadian average at $53,634 ($46,584).”

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