Distillery District wedding – Alana & Mike – The Loft at The Broiler House


Mike and Alana and their family/friends hold a special place in my heart for numerous reasons so I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off my 2017 wedding season than with this rustic chic Distillery District wedding in Toronto, Ontario. When they started planning their intimate winter wedding 6 months ago, Alana envisioned snow, frigid temperatures and warming up with hot chocolate but instead Mike and Alana got +8 degrees Celsius and obviously no snow. However, as you will see this did not impede the beauty of the day…we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful spring day in the middle of February. Oh mother nature you sneaky trickster, you sure know how to mix winter up for us folks in Southern Ontario.

And it wasn’t just the snow that Alana and Mike were after for their big day, they also wanted ice to incorporate their mutual love of hockey into their wedding. {Incidentally this couple is an excellent example of overlooking each other’s “faults” and “idiosyncrasies” to make a relationship work as each cheers for rival teams; Mike’s team is the Toronto Maple Leafs and Alana’s is the Montreal Canadiens.}

Many couples would have just incorporated hockey paraphernalia into their décor and called it a day but Mike and Alana decided that that wasn’t good enough and took to the ice.  So, let’s take a moment to slow clap for this incredible bride who actually wore hockey skates on her wedding day…I mean c’mon, how cool is that?

We had a wonderful afternoon taking photos at and around the elegant and sleek Le Germain Hotel (, the ice rink at Ryerson University ( & then finally at Toronto’s popular historic Distillery District for their wedding and reception at The Loft at The Boiler House (

Thank you for including me in your gorgeous day Alana and Mike, I couldn’t have asked for a better day “at work”. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together and a Stanley cup shared by the Leafs and Habs (hockey players totally love sharing, right?) ;o)








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