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When you book with Laurel Leaf Photography, you can rest assured that you will always be working with Laurel in her award-winning photographic style.

Unlike some big wedding studios, Laurel is involved in every aspect of her client's weddings and has complete creative control over each and every one. That means she is always the primary photographer at weddings and does not farm out the editing to someone halfway across the world who has no understanding of how special these photos are. This means that Laurel personally goes through each and every photo, putting her art degree to use in order to curate your photos. If you need to ask a question, you are going to have Laurel answer it for you, not a receptionist who does not know you. And, if you need to have a bit of a cry on your wedding day because there are just ALL THE MANY EMOTIONS...Laurel will tell you that what you are feeling is perfectly normal, she sees it all the time and if you need a hug, she will HUG IT OUT with you and LOVES talking about her feelings. So no biggie. Cry away. Sometimes she will kick the groom really hard in the shins right before she photographs him, just so she can be guaranteed tears from him, because she LOVES it when guys cry and sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your art, right? (ok, the kicking part is a lie, she never kicks anyone, but she truly does love an emotional groom).




Lifestyle with Laurel

45 minute session



-1 location

-30 digital images in

Laurel's warm & earthy style






2 hour session



-2-3 locations

-70 digital images in

Laurel's warm & earthy style



Our wedding packages start at $3000+ hst for 9 hours of coverage on weekends.


We do offer custom hourly rates for weekday weddings.


Please contact us for more information.

Branding Content



Lifestyle Branding Content packages start at $350+hst




Headshot sessions in Ajax studio start at





Mobile studio packages start at $225+hst




Custom packages are available


Please contact us for more details.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long before our wedding should we book you?

A: We typically start booking weddings 1 year in advance however we have had clients book anything from 2 years in advance to 2 weeks prior to their wedding. Q: Do you have a recommendation for what to wear to our engagement/lifestyle session?

A: We suggest you wear something you are comfortable in. You should feel beautiful & authentically YOU in what you wear. If you are looking for inspiration, we like to start with a Pinterest search {i.e. photo clothing ideas family spring} and then go from there. We are always happy to help style a themed session and have found some amazing pieces at thrift shops over the years.

Q: Should we order prints from you or do you have another vendor you recommend?

A: One of the best perks of working with us is that you aren't forced to order prints from us however you are more than welcome to if you would like access to our high quality pro labs.

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