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Newborn photographer Ajax

Ajax newborn photographer


Newborn photographer Ajax: I always love having my little “rent-a-babies” in studio. I get to have awesome cuddles with these precious munchkins and then send them home with mom and dad (who do not get to sleep through the night).


Check out this little dude, an absolute sweetheart.





Life is beautiful. Capture it.

Newborn photographer AjaxAjax-newborn-photographerNewborn photographer AjaxNewborn photographer AjaxAjax-newborn-photographerNewborn photographer AjaxAjax-newborn-photographerNewborn photographer AjaxAjax-newborn-photographerNewborn photographer AjaxAjax-newborn-photographerNewborn photographer Ajax


“Today, Ajax is commonly considered part of the Greater Toronto Area, in the eastern part of the Golden Horseshoe region.

As is true for most suburban areas in the Greater Toronto Area, Ajax has grown considerably since the 1980s. What was once a small town mostly surrounded by agricultural areas has increasingly become a bedroom community to Toronto and its environs. Many residents commute to work in Toronto or other municipalities in Durham Region.

The following is a summary of major changes in the past several decades:

  • Recent rapid low density population growth. Only one greenfield area of the Town remains, located in the north western corner of the town. As the town becomes increasingly built-out, the town is attempting to increase intensity of development, particularly in the downtown area near Harwood Avenue north of Bayly. However, development in Ajax still principally consists of single-family detachedhouses on separate lots, and so the fundamental nature of the town seems fixed for the near future. Recently, these areas have expanded to north Ajax. the reason is the large amount of land that can be capitalized on for housing investment. Although these projects have been going on for many years, until recently these homes have been constructed and citizens have now been residing in these homes. this has ultimately contributed to the population increase in Ajax.
  • The town’s very auto dependent urban form, as well as that of its neighbour municipalities, has resulted in steady increases in traffic congestion with few realistic alternatives to automobile travel. There are long-term plans to widen regional roads and Highway 401, extend Highway 407, but this essentially represents status quo development. Increases in Durham Region Transit service, ongoing efforts to improve cycling and walking conditions, and the above noted intensification initiatives may alleviate this to some degree.
  • Increasing multiculturalism, with many young ethnic professionals moving into the newer northern parts of Ajax. These northern parts of Ajax namely consist of Rossland Road and Taunton Road. Given the large number of homes being built in the area for the last few years, this newer complex is home to plazas and sports recreational facilities. Summer camps and soccer clubs often find these recreational areas worthwhile given the new field and its aesthetic majesty. Parks are also built on this area and are mostly located in or nearby recreational facilities.”

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