Scarborough Family Photographer – Wini’s Golden Years Session: before Alzheimer’s steals her memories – Scarborough, Ontario

Scarborough family photographer

Before Alzheimer’s Steals her Memories

Alzheimer’s disease

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Last May Donna asked me to come photograph her mother at the nursing home where she lived.  She had been struggling with Alzheimer’s disease for quite a number of years and accordingly she still had some good days but those days were occuring less often. Donna wanted to capture her mom on one of her good days while her mom was still able to remember her and reminisce…before Alzheimer’s steals her memories. I asked Donna to bring some old photo albums so that they could look through them together to help Wini remember the past. When the portraits of both women taken in their younger years were brought out I had an Oprah “A-HA” moment; I was reminded of one of the many reasons why I love photography so much and why it is SOOOOOO important to have tangible print copies of photographs. This was it! It was time for me to start exploring the realm of portraiture and to have those photographs printed by a professional print lab to ensure archival quality. I want my kids to be able to dig photos out of a box one day and reminisce with me.

Thank you so much Wini and Donna. I was incredibly inspired by this experience and I thank you inviting me to share in it with you. It will not be forgotten.


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Scarborough family photographer

Alzheimer’s Disease



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